This part of my site is where you can see all kinds of art that I have created over the years from character designs, portraits illustrations and more. Because art is such a broad medium I have many different ways of working which includes traditional and digital but at the very beginning I like to use old fashioned pencil and paper and then I move over to digital software to do my line and colour work.

I have also included videos of me working digitally on some work as well as showing the various stages from pencil and paper all the way to finish. Right now you are probably asking yourself what software I use and while I used to hate answering that question I can confess that I use pretty much everything and go by my mood at the time.

Sketchbook pro
Manga studio
Adobe illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Flash
Adobe After fx

These are my weapons of choice and being this diverse means I am able to work with other artists who may have a preference. Below are some short timelapse videos of my doing the digital side of my process by using software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

My work flow is pretty straight forward and structured into five stages that makes it easy for clients and myself to see if changes are needed. The five steps I take are as follows.

It all starts with just doing the basic body structure and pose with straight forward sketchwork, I also include shadow placement as it helps to keep things more straight foward with less to think about on the next stage. This is where you can make changes because if you are satisfied at this point then it creates less problems later on.

Now based on how the character looks you just follow the exact same structure as the rough sketch before or you can even draw over it with a light box to save time but the point is to add the unique details and features of the person you are drawing with all the shadows and tones.

At this point you are done with pencil and paper and now you can move on to digital by scanning what you have drawn and then using software on a computer to draw over the pencil lines but on another layer.

Now we have the lines already done we add the flat colour to the character using the basic colours for everything, it may feel like I'm losing detail at this point which is true but I will be adding that back digitally on the next stage.

Grey tones is a really cool part of doing illustration as it gives you a chance to see a character take real form before you add the real colours, it is literally a case of doing all the dark tones in jet black but then lowering the opacity to about 48% or lower depending on your own preference.

There it is, now but having the flat colours underneath the grey tones it has all be put together nicely with a few extras like tints in the hair etc but that is my process making it easy to make any changes later on.

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